Music 76

This page is basically a list of leads I have on possible Conservative and Libertarian bands and singers that I have run into a dead end on. If aybody can help me find information on these bands it would be greatly appreciated (and you may even get you a mention on the main page!). Either go to the main page or use the e-mail


FREEDOM DRIVE SINGER: She sang the theme song for the "We The People Foundation" and their "Freedom Drive 2002" rally. is the website of that organization and I would like to know if she was just some hired musician or if she is a musicians with political aspirations.


: A blues singer that was covered in the original Music 76 back in 2002. Not sure if he was political but had an Anti-NWO song on his page. Can't find any links to his music on the web anymore and would like to find some of those and if politics is a major theme in his music.
HONKEY TONKERS FOR TRUTH: Had an anti-Bush country song that at some times seams like it was coming from right-feild but at others left field. Want to know if this musician is generally conservative or liberal.
MICHAEL GOLDEN: Performed at the BBQ of an organization called AFN ( No other information is know although I would like to find some.
KEL THOMAS:Performed at the BBQ of an organization called AFN ( No other information is know although I would like to find some.
BIG SHANTY: Heard about them on the message board of libertarian talk show "Free Talk Live" and would like to know if they are liberal or libertarian. 
RIVOLI REVUE: Has song about how people who come to America should learn to speak English. I would like to know if there music has politics as a general theme. 
FREE SOUTH: Was once on the "Ya'll Come Back Music Center's" page (check main list of conservative and libertarian bands under labels and distros from info on these guys) but not anymore. Wanted any info anybody may have.
JENNY LYNN CLARK: Performed at the "Free American" expo ( and have heard rumors she is the daughter of the "Malboro Man". Want know if anybody has info on her.
RON PAUL COUNTRY SINGER: Found this country song for Ron Paul. Would like to know if it is an actual song or if it is just something someone wrote.
DAVE CAHILL: Played at the "Live Free or Die" concert, endorses 9-11 conspiracy theories, may be endorsing Ron Paul for president. Can't tell if his music is political or not. 
JOHN: Called FREE TALK LIVE once and said he wanted to start a pro-freedom music project. Posted to the board on a few times and may have had songs on a site called
KAT KANNING: Supposedly had some involvement with the John guy above. Also posted on and may have also had songs on
MYSTERY SINGER: Saw him on the Minuteman or Tyranny Response Team website a few years back. Was a slightly chunky white mail solo artist who most likely sang country.
MISTY DIETZ: Country singer that was on now defunct 4th Branch records (owned by Wayne Hicks) who's CD was released shortly after 9-11.
JORDAN PAGE: Played Ron Paul revolution march but not sure if his music is political.
MARC SCIBBLIA: He did the Freedom Tour but I am not sure if his music is political.
JOHN: This link sends you to the Youtube page of a guy that always calls Free Talk Live and supposedly has some solo political music.
DELPHI: Gives a generic I don't like to be classified response.
MORAGA CRIME SYNDICATE: The guy in the profile in the link says he has an anarcho-capitalist folk band by that name. Unfortunatly they have no web presence.
DAVID EARLE: Show potential but could be liberal.
JEFFS ALBANY FRIEND: Libertarian singer Jeff T says that he has a political musician friend in Albany but he is not interested.


THE ARAB LEAGUE: They have some 9-11 conspiracy stuff ad some Ron Paul stuff on there site. Not sure if they are left or right though.
RAP AGAINST COMMUNISM: Not sure if these guys are for real or just a parody.
KING SOLOMON: Has political stuff but not sure if he is liberal or libertarian.
ADVENT GUARD: Posted on The Civilians Military's myspace comment section. Cannot get a straight answer on their ideoligy though.
VEGA X: Was on Paranoid's "Ghosts of the Republic" show. Definitly anti-NWO but cannot tell if it is from a right, left, or libertarian perspective. He also did not repsond to my message.
GUERILLA ALLIANCE:It features Vega X! and looks like they have a good message. Once again though I cannot get them to repond to messages.
MERCILESS: On Ghosts of the Republic radio show. Not sure of exact ideoligythough.
ILLUMINATI KILLA: Show potential but could be leftist.
EAST COAST AVENGERS: There have been some rumors that these guys are Anarcho-Capitalists but others say they are just liberals. Anybody know?
CLUB BILDERBERG: They seam like right wing conspiracy theorists, but I cannot confirm it.
KAVA-1: Has some conspiracy stuff, can't tell ideoligy.
LMS: They were on PolyGraph Radio but I can't find anything more decisive.
C-REX: Has some anti-NWO stuff and was on a Zetgeist themed mixtape. Nothing decisive though.
AKIR: Shows promise.
LEGION OF DOOM: They say they are libertarian but don't go deeper than that (libertarian socialist, libertarian capitalist, minarchist, anarchist, etc).
LMS: Says his music isn't political but concious, can't get him to go into any greater detail than that.
PROMINENT SONS: They gave the generic they are for freedom response. Can't get any more detail than that.
Zeitgeist Mixtape, can't get any further info.
Zeitgeist mixtape, can't get any further info. 
Zeitgeist mixtape, can't get any further info.
IRK DAH NERV: Looks promising but I can't make contact with him.
PACO: Mentioned by 
DJ Skiefer but cant find any contact info.
Ron Paul mixtape, can't find any further info.
SPOTTED OWL: Can't get him to respond.
OZ: Mentioned as a potential lead by 
Tony Moon, cannot get any more information than that.
TRILLION: Featured on Polygraph Radio, can't get him to respond to messages.
PACO: Possible right wing conspiracy rapper, can't tell his ideoligy for sure though.
ROY SHIVERS: Very conspiracy oriented. Can't tell which way he leans politically though.
KILLAZ IN ACTION: Have some conspiratorial stuff on page but nothing definitive.
MC AD: They seam to have some friendly views but nothing definitive.
ABOMB: Different than the one in the links section. Seams to have some political leanings but nothing definitive.

TRIBE: This band has some patriotic content and maybe even some potentially conservative and libertarian content on there page. Would like to know if anybody knows for sure if these guys are political.
MYSTERY LIBERTARIAN SINGER: A while ago when googled "libertarian rock" or "libertarian music" I would come across a Libertarian page saying that a great way to promote the cause would Libertarian rock music. They advertised this guy and gave an e-mail adress. I can no longer find this and wanted to know if anybody had any info.
PAPERBACK RADIO: They played at the "Live Free or Die" concert but nothing on there page seams political.
THE LAW: Played "Live Free or Die" but nothing on there site seams political.
SINGLE BULLET THEORY: Says he is a Rational Anarchist but don't know if he is right or left anarchy.
GREEN BRACELET: Say they get their name from Atlas Shrugged and some songs on the new album will be based on it. Not sure if they are political though.
SIMONS DREAM: Played the "Revolution 4 Freedom" concert but I can find no other info.
JR GUERRA: Heard he may lean our way, don't know though.
THE ISSUES: They seams promising in some of their views but also supported Ralph Nader at one point. Have they changed?
REBELS WITHOUT APPLAUSE: On the Polygraph Radio Truth Tour, can't get them to respond to e-mails though.
LULLABY ACADEMY: Very conspiracy leaning, can't get them to respond to my messages though.
MATT PRESTI: Very conspiratorial stuff, even seams to lean right!, nothing definitive though.
TEX HEXMAN: Very conspiratorial stuff, cant tell which way he leans politically though.
FOURTH GENERATION: Some stuff may be Christian and other stuff conspiratorial, not sure though.
RON PAUL SINGER: Did a pro-Ron Paul song though the link is now dead.


LONESOLDIER RECOMMENDATIONS: Some stuff the band Lone Soldier recommended to me but they have not responded and I cannot get any more info:  Hard Head (metal), Right Fist/Live With Pride (East L.A. Hardcore) Step Outside (Oi!/Streetpunk). Brew and Honor (this one is a label who also put together a zine). 

BLACKHAPPY: These guys did a song called Bullmonkey that seams to target the political left. This was discussed on the Conservative Punk forums but the only other info I could gather is that they were trying to shake the label of being a Christian band.

SAUDI AGENDA: They seam to be parodying Saudi influence on US politics, cant be sure they are conservative though.

VARIOUS CONSERVATIVE PUNK BANDS: Back in the days of the original Conservative Punk boards there were many threads containing potential leads that are now deleted. If anyone has any info it would be appreciated.
NATE RISING: Heard about them on a thread and know nothing else. Tell me anything if you know.
IMPOSSIBLE 5: Heard about them through a friend in band called "Sanities Void". The guys e-mail was something like SnipeUNBlue and he said they may have some political song.
PORNO PARA RICARDO: A cuban band that has been banned in Cuba for supposedly anti-Castro and anti-Communism themes. All there stuff is in Spanish so I cannot tell, can anybody who speaks the language help me?
ITSA: Met this person on a message board and he/she said he/she was punk and the e-mail adress was I get no response from this adress but the musician was supposedly Conservative/Libertarian, punk, and had a song about the Amadou Diallo shooting in New York. Does anyone have any info?
THE OWL: Heard about these guys on a few years ago.
THE GITMOS: They say they are for decentralization and are radical constitutionalist. They also say they dont want to be classified. There is simply not enough to pinpoint there ideoligy.
THE OWL: Heard about them on the Conservative Punk forums.
VERMIN: Heard they might be political but I doubt it.
A PLAN OF ESCAPE: They are members of Rock for Life were they are described as Conservative and pro-life.
EPSTEIN: Did a song on Crush Kerry titled propaganda puppets.
CAUSE FOR ALARM: Mentioned on the Conservative Punk forum.
INTOLLERANZA: Mentioned on the Conservative Punk forum.
EMPIRE FALLS: These guys are oftened described as RAC but I have heard they were rightist and non-racist.
REJECTERS: Did s song on Crush Kerry.
KNOCKED OUT STIFFS: Some of their stuff seams political and they say they hate cops, wars, taxes, and are libertarian anarchist.
NITTERS: Has Conservative Punk Division Poland as a friend and a song called Punx not Red.
CRASH MARTINEZ: Mentioned on the Conservative Punk forums. They also support Ron Paul.
ZOMBIE REAGAN: Seams conservative but some of their friends say otherwise.
WHORES FOR WAR: Mentioned on the Conservative Punk forums.
CPE/SIKOSIS: Supposedly older projects of Indoctri-Nation front man Lenin.
ATTILA AND THE HUNS: Used to have CD titled "Republican Party" and have songs that were conservative. Can no longer find any trace of this.
RUDE ZOMBIE: Girl on the band on Bureau Crash Social says they are libertarian but they have no music up to prove it!
THE 33's: They have pictures of US troops on songs, a Malone Labe graphic as their main pic, United Forces HC as their friends, the number 33 could be a refrance to 33rd degree Freemasons. Can't tell if their music is political though.
THOSE UNRULY: Has a conspiracy song about MK Ultra, cannot tell ideoligy.
PUNX NOT RED: The link will take you to their old myspace which was deleted, does anybody know what happened to them?
MERCILOUS BOOTS: Patriotic oi or conservative political? We can't tell and they won't respond.
OREGON FURABALIS: Sent me a PM on Conservative Punk saying he has a song. Won't respond to anything after that.
ANTI-GAY OI BAND: Mentioned on the Conservative Punk forums although the guy cannot find contact for them.
LOCKJAW: Were accused of being fascist, are friends with CRUSH, talk about being un-pc, and have a few songs that lean conservative. Nothing definitive though.


SPONTANOUS ORDER: If this is the correct band I found them on the old and they had songs about Chemtrails and other Conspiracy related subjects. Could never contact, doesn anyone have info?
2ND AMENDMENT: They used to have a site on the old with there order info right below the first song. The only other info I know if that there name is pro-gun, they had an anti-evolution song (the name was something along the lines of "Monkey Religion"), I think they were from Texas, and the name "Larry Aguilar" was in there adress. Anybody have info?
HOSTILE OATH: A band of some military guys stationed at FE WARREN AIR FORCE BASE. They might be political but could not get into contact with them.
UNKNOWN BAND (BANDS?): I used to be on a list called "Vampire Killers" and the list owner said he was in a band with the list moderators son who would play gigs on the weekends, never put out any CD's, and eventually broke up. Some of the members supposedly went on to form other bands one of which did some ballad stuff, worked with "Butch Walker", and is supposedly still around. Anyone got any info?
GLOOM CHASERS: Found them through a comment left on a pro-liberty myspace. They have some libertarian postings on there site but am not sure if they are political.
DREAMLINE: They played PORCfest and do seam to have some political leanings.
METHOD OF DESTRUCTION: I know these guys are political and lean our way because I covered them in the original Music 76, I just need to find a web presence for them.
PALE HORSE: Sings about conspiracy stuff and name seams to be a refrence to the William Cooper book. They also had an upside down UN symbol on their old page. Cannot make contact.
EXIT THE SUN: They have some good stuff but may also be leftist.
GOD ZERO: Just watch their video for 21st Century patriot. Cannot get them to respond to messages though.
ARSONIST: Lots of conspiracy stuff on page. Can't tell ideoligy though.


AARON J BITTERMAN: Was in my notes and I have no other information, do any of you?
SHANG HIGH FIVE: Mentioned on the Alex Jones show as performing at an opening party for one his movies. There was the possibility of another band at this event. Anybody know anything?
LIBERTARIAN T-SHIRTS BAND: When googleing for libertarian t-shirts I came across a site that also had a link to CD's. I can no longer find this site, how about you?
MATT KAZEE: Performed at the "Live Free Or Die" concert for Ed and Elain Brown. When I google his name I find stuff about him being a correspondent for but nothing musical. You guys know anything?
SOVEREIGNTY OF UNION:They seam to have potential but gave me some ununderstandable reponse when asked.
DUKE 007:
DJ BLAZE:The guy that always calls the show Free Talk Live. Don't know if he does music that is political though.
STARLESSALLSTARS: They used to be listed as friends of the site Right Goth but can't find out if their music is political.
THE MASIATS: They were mentioned to me a while back and they supposedly have connections to a group called Scriptures for America that itself I have heard has some less than savory associations.
BLUE EYED FOOLS: Played the Live Free or Die concert and have political songs but not sure if they are liberal or libertarian.
THE EVIL DOPEYS: Played Keene Freedom Fest but all attempts to contact have been futile.
JACK BLOOD: Yes the talk show host. I heard he made music.
ABBE DELOZIER: Played at the Revolution 4 Freedom concert but can find no other info.
PAT SHANNAN: Played at the Revolution 4 Freedom concert but can find no other info.
RENEE DAPHNE: Looking at her page she ideologically qualifies and she makes music that reflects this but where is it?
THE BOMBS OF ENDURING FREEDOM: They have alot of conspiracy stuff, can't tell ideoligy though.
UFO ACID GODZ: They have a lot of conspiracy stuff, can't tell ideology though.
CIRCLE OF DEAD ZIONISTS: They sent a friend request on myspace but I can't get them to respond.
THE TOUR: Mentioned on 
Polygraph Radio.
DOC DUECE: Mentioned on 
Polygraph Radio.
COG: Talked about on the 
Polygraph Radio boards, cannot find further information.
WE ARE THE ROMANS: Talked about on the 
Polygraph Radio boards, cannot find further information.
ARCHITECT: Talked about on the 
Polygraph Radio boards, cannot find further information.
TRUTH TOLD: Talked about on 
Polygraph Radio boards, cannot find further information.
Polygraph Radio Truth Tour, cannot find further information.
Polygraph Radio Truth Tour, cannot find further information.
DEATH TO MUSIC PRODUCTIONS: They are the label that signed The Bombs of Enduring Freedom and may have other bands we would be interested in, anybody know anything?
EWIGKEIT: The old band of the guy in The Bombs of Enduring Freedom, they seam conspiratorial.

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